Frequently Asked Question

Order Processing 下单

Please allow us 1 – 3 working days to check and pack your order.


An order confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you provided upon ordering. If you did not receive the confirmation email within the day after placing your order, please check your spam folder as the email might be there.


After you log in into your account, click “ORDERS” under the Menu option. You will see one of the following statuses:

  • Pending payment – Order received and awaiting payment.
  • Failed – Payment failed or was declined.
  • Processing – Payment received and the order is being processed.
  • Completed – Order fulfilled and has been already sent out.
  • On-Hold – Awaiting payment.
  • Cancelled – Cancelled by shop manager or the customer.
  • Refunded – Refunded by shop manager.


  • 待付款 – 已收到订单。等待买家付款。
  • 未成功 – 未成功付款或付款未被接受。
  • 处理中 – 款项已收到,订单处理中。
  • 完成 – 交易成功,订单已发货
  • 待处理 – 已收到订单及款项,等待店家回复。
  • 取消 – 店家或买家取消订单。
  • 退款 – 店家已退款。

Yes, you can call us at +65 9040 0500 to place your order.

可以。您可以拨电 +65 9040 0500 向我们下单。

Yes, you may pick up your product(s) at our office.

Office Location

1015 Geylang East Avenue 3 #04-101
Singapore 389730

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 10am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed



1015 芽笼东3 巷 #04-101
新加坡邮区 389730

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星期一至五:上午10点 至 傍晚5点

Order that has been processed or shipped cannot be cancelled or changed. Please call us at +65 9040 0500 or email [email protected] for further assistance.

已处理或已发货的订单是不能取消或修改的。您可以拨电 +65 9040 0500 或 电邮[email protected] 向我们咨询看能否帮助到您。

Payment Method 付款方法

We accept online payment via bank transfers and PayPal.

我们接受网上银行,PayPal 以及信用卡(Visa/Mastercard) 等各种付款方法。

No. The order will be shipped only on receipt of successful payment.


You will receive a payment confirmation email if the payment is successful. Otherwise, the payment is unsuccessful.

You will receive an Invoice from Chinese Medicine once your payment is successful. Please bring along this Invoice during self-collection.

You can also check your payment status under your account at here.




Shipping & Delivery 发货及送货

There are 4 available options:

  • Self-Collection (Only in Singapore)
  • SingPost SmartPac (< 3 kg. Inclusive of envelope/parcel box)
  • Paid Delivery by our company delivery service (> 3 kg)
  • For overseas delivery, please contact us at +65 9040 0500 or email us at [email protected] for arrangements.

Self-Collection (Only in Singapore) – FREE

You can collect your order at our office:

Office Location

1015 Geylang East Avenue 3 #04-101
Singapore 389730

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 10am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Kindly drop us a message or call us before you come by to collect your order as we need some time to pack your order.

SingPost SmartPac – S$5

SingPost SmartPac is a flat rate postal service that will deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Singapore, within 2 to 3 working days after it is shipped out from our office.

A package tracking number will be provided once the parcel has been sent. However, we do not accept any responsibility for the following issues:

  • any delays of its service
  • any liability for loss or damage of products during delivery;

We regret that all disputes will have to be settled between customers and SingPost.

The dimensions for the box or envelopes are as below:

  • Box: 300mm (l) x 190mm (w) x 70mm (h), max weight 3kg
  • Envelope: 240mm (w) x 330mm (l) x 70mm (h), max weight 1kg
  • Mini Envelope: 150mm (w) x 220mm (l) x 70mm (h), max weight 600g

We will choose the best fit size with SmartPac box or envelopes to deliver your order. We reserve the right to reject orders that do not meet the requirements for SmartPac delivery.

Please visit this page for more information prior to selecting SmartPac as your delivery method.

Standard Delivery – S$7

Our deliveryman will deliver your order to your designated address on working days. Our delivery timing is between 12pm to 5pm.

目前有4 种发货方式:

  • 自行取货 (只限新加坡地区)
  • 邮政局 SmartPac (3公斤以下。包括外包装)
  • 本公司的运输服务 (3公斤以上)
  • 外国地址。请买家拨电 +65 9040 0500 联系我们或电邮 [email protected] 以安排发货方式。

自行取货 – 免费(只限新加坡地区)


1015 芽笼东3 巷 #04-101
新加坡邮区 389730

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星期一至五:上午10点 至 傍晚5点


邮政局 SmartPac (3公斤以下)- S$5

邮政局的 SmartPac 是个定价邮递服务。包裹会直接送到您所指定的新加坡地址。从本公司发货后,一般2-3个工作日即可送达。


  • 送货时间的耽搁
  • 运输过程中丢失包裹或在运输时导致产品的损坏



  • 盒子: 300mm (长) x 190mm (宽) x 70mm (高), 不超过 3公斤
  • 信封:240mm (长) x 330mm (宽) x 70mm (高), 不超过1公斤
  • 小信封:150mm (长) x 220mm (宽) x 70mm (高), 不超过600克

我们会根据您的订单选择最合适的包裹。本公司保留拒绝不符合SmartPac 运输服务的权利。

您可以在此网页查询更多有关 SmartPac 的运输条件再决定是否要采用SmartPac 运输服务。

普通运输 (超过3公斤)- S$7


Shipping address cannot be changed once the order is placed. Please ensure the delivery address is correct at the time of placing your order. Please call us at +65 9040 0500 or email [email protected] for further assistance.

一旦确认订单,您就无法更改送货地址。请在下订单的时候确保送货地址是正确的。若有需要,您可电邮 [email protected] 或拨电 +65 9040 0500 向我们咨询。

We are afraid that you will not be able to specify the delivery date and time. We will contact you personally to arrange your delivery. Our delivery timing is in between 12pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Your order will be shipped out in 1 – 3 working days. The time taken for your product(s) to reach you is depends on the method of delivery you chose. Usually it will arrive 2 – 3 working days after it is shipped.


Refund, Return & Exchange 退款,退货,替换

You can only change or cancel your order before the order status change to “Processing”. To do so, please contact us at +65 9040 0500 for further assistance.

您只能在“订单详情”还未转成“Processing”之前更改或取消订单。您可以拨电+65 9040 0500让我们协助您。

Please contact us immediately or within the return period. The product(s) must be returned in their original packaging along with the invoice.

  • Exchange your product(s) at our office
  • Mail your return product(s) to our office

We are not liable for lost parcels via normal postage hence we strongly encourage you to use postage with tracking capability. Please note that we do not accept returns at our retail outlets.


  • 到我们公司地址进行产品替换
  • 把产品邮寄到我们公司地址


Please be assured that your order will be double-checked to ensure they are in good condition before shipping. If the product does arrive in a damaged condition, please notify us immediately for further assistance. Please note that we do not accept any returns and exchange of product(s) that are damaged due to mishandling of parcels by SingPost.


If the product(s) you received is not what you have ordered, or missing something from your order list, please call us at +65 9040 0500 or email us at [email protected] within 3 business days from the day you received the product(s) for further assistance.

如果送达的产品不是您所下的订单,或者有遗漏的产品,请在3个工作日内拨电 +65 9040 0500 或电邮[email protected] 联系我们协助您。

Within 3 days on receipt of your order.

即您收到订单后的3天内 (包括当天)。